Fix Personeelsdiensten BV (personnel recruitment services) has been a reliable partner since 2007 for companies in virtually all sectors of the Dutch business community. We have become a medium-sized employment agency for Polish workers in the Netherlands. Currently, approximately 400 employees have been placed. Recruiting personnel involves a specialised approach, especially for short term -, or part time contracts. We provide a flexible work force at competitive all-in rates. We can fill in your (temporary) vacancies with skilled and motivated Polish workers. Our recruitment and selection takes place in Poland by our Polish partner, so there are no language problems involved. Our Polish employees are screened for each specific vacancy and therefore always meet the required job profile. A personal approach and short lines of communication ensure a smooth cooperation with Fix Personeelsdiensten BV.

Besides our recruitment activities, we will also ensure that safety rules and other formalities are taken care of. For this purpose we meet the following approvals:

  • The approval of Stichting Normering Arbeid (Labour Standards Foundation)
  • We meet NEN4400-1
  • We are VRO approved

Fix recruitment

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We are a recruitment agency / intermediary in the labour market.

We mediate between people who are looking for (temporary) employment and companies looking for (temporary) workers. The workers are registered with us as  job seekers, and are employed by Fix Personnel Services as soon as they are sent to a hiring company.

Fix Posting

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What is posting? The advantages and disadvantages for employers.

Posting means borrowing employees from a third party. For you as an entrepreneur this may have certain advantages and disadvantages. It differs from hiring people from an agency. When would you hire by posting, and what are the considerations involved? Posting is hiring staff through a recruitment agency such as Fix personnel services. Posting is often based upon long-term contracts.

Fix payrolling

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What’s payrolling?

Payrolling gives you the opportunity to outsource the laborious personnel administration and payroll handling, with the biggest advantage that you can fully  concentrate on the core activities of your organization and your day to day business.